A vote for me is a vote for you

Every five years you are asked who you want to represent you in Parliament for the next five years. Whoever you vote for then goes away and ignores you for the next five years. In 2015 you will be asked again, but this time you have the opportunity to vote for you. Times are changing, ordinary people are finding new ways of expressing themselves and some politicians are listening, but not enough and not hard enough. I believe that every politician should tell their constituents what Parliament is going to be debating and voting on and ask people what they think, learn from people who are actually involved in the things being discussed, benefit from the huge amount of knowledge and experience there is available before making decisions. I believe this so strongly that I will be standing for Parliament in the next election. If you think I’m right all you have to do is vote for me. In 2015 a vote for None of the Above is a vote for you. Everyone who votes for me will be saying “stop ignoring me”


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  1. Glad to see someone has noticed and is doing something about the lack of idealism in politics and the constant rollercoaster of the political world that brings us back to where we were and back again, nothing really changes and I myself have never voted, people often say to me ‘oh you should’ and ‘it’s important to vote’ but when I challenge them and ask them what excatly would have changed if everyone who didn’t vote had they realise that we would still be where we are now, none of the parties ever tell you their real agenda for fear of losing voters and it’s looking like the EU is making more and more of the decisions anyway. In fact the only time I would vote would be in a referendum on Europe and I would probably vote to exit.
    Another criticism people throw at me is ‘you can’t complain if you don’t vote’ yes I can, but I actually don’t go on about politics that much and because I am certain that in the long term nothing really changes under the current parliamentary system and it’s all a big con i don’t really need to complain, just the knowledge of what it’s really all about is enough to keep me neutral.
    All the political parties want the status quo, at present that is a cheap labour force and enough affordable distractions to keep people from really thinking about the priviledged few.
    I’m glad I’ve never voted for any of ’em, when I first started work it was a choice between Thatcher and Callaghan, ever since then I’ve never trusted any of them and firmly believe the only two things that really change a society are War and Revolution.

  2. Thanks robbostew, I hope you feel you can vote for me, I believe that everyone should be involved in running the country, not just politicians and businessmen, but I’m wasting my time if people don’t demonstrate that they agree.

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