A vote for me is a vote for you

Every five years you are asked who you want to represent you in Parliament for the next five years. Whoever you vote for then goes away and ignores you for the next five years. In 2015 you will be asked again, but this time you have the opportunity to vote for you. Times are changing, ordinary people are finding new ways of expressing themselves and some politicians are listening, but not enough and not hard enough. I believe that every politician should tell their constituents what Parliament is going to be debating and voting on and ask people what they think, learn from people who are actually involved in the things being discussed, benefit from the huge amount of knowledge and experience there is available before making decisions. I believe this so strongly that I will be standing for Parliament in the next election. If you think I’m right all you have to do is vote for me. In 2015 a vote for None of the Above is a vote for you. Everyone who votes for me will be saying “stop ignoring me”


I  know people will say what’s the point of voting in Chingford, IDS will win. That’s not true and even if it was it doesn’t matter. The person that wins is the one who gets the most votes, that can be anyone. In the last election IDS got just over 20,000 votes, the other parties split 20,000 between them and 20,000 people didn’t vote. 2/3 of people didn’t vote for IDS, that’s more than enough to beat him if you want to. In any case it doesn’t matter. In the election you are being asked who you would like to represent you in Parliament, not who you think will end up representing you but who you want to. If enough people say they would like me to represent them, which means talking to them and listening to what they have to say, then it will be noticed. There were 300 Independent candidates in the last election and on average we got 600 votes, if I can get a few thousand then politicians will notice. In the days following the elections, when the news media are scratching around for stories they will pay attention to the fact that a few thousand people were so fed up with ordinary politicians that they were prepared to vote for someone offering something different, then in the next election maybe more people will be saying the same thing, maybe someone might even be elected. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (The Way of Lao-tz, Chinese philosopher 604 BC – 531 BC)

I can give you a concrete example of what I mean. Over the last couple of years IDS campaigned unsuccessfully to keep Walthamstow Dogs. At the same time I campaigned successfully to get a Farmers Market in North Chingford. The local authority originally opposed the Farmers Market, now they want another in The Mount. The reason we got the Farmers Market is that a lot of people wanted it, when the Local Authority originally objected I started a petition, a couple of local shop owners got behind the idea and in a very short time we got thousands of signatures and the Local authority changed their minds. We got the Market because it was what people wanted, what I did was provide a channel for your wishes, which is what I’d like to do as a politician